You Really Think Kate Upton is a Babe? Seriously?

It amazes me that Kate Upton is taken seriously in the modelling world. Every single time I look at her pics, I see lies the media is feeding me. I mean, she doesn’t even have a nice face—it’s almost bloated and fucking retarded looking…and she sure as hell doesn’t have a nice body. She’s just tall, so her 160-plus pounds seem lean. She’s also just 19 and her metabolism hasn’t shut the fuck down yet…but I see a Rosie O’Donnell in her every time I look at her…and not in a Rosie O’Donnell is a dyke who fucks young bitches kind of way. I see a Rosie O’Donnell in her pants size soon.

Seriously people, consider this a protest…like I’m PETA and she’s a slaughterhouse or a fur coat. Stop caring about her tits enough to make her millions…when there are so many tits out there who actually deserve millions. Send her back to the barn she came from.
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