Phoemela Baranda Thin and Topless for FHM

Skinny girls with hard nipples and a skinny little ass are always hot to me…even if they are useless actors who don’t get enough work for me to really figure out why I know their name or where I have seen them before.

The good news is that even when their hard nipples are hardly there, it’s good enough and I have a feeling that’s the same thing she thinks to herself when she lands obscure and insignificant jobs in a “take the money and run while its coming in and people still give me work” kind of way. We can only hope she has the same outlook on all things in her life, especially when it comes down to deciding who to stick inside her, because having no standards, taste, or consciousness is really the only hope I will ever have of crawling up inside and dying inside this bitch like I was her laxative-and-Diet Coke-eating-disorder-lunch.

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