Nika Madrid’s Leaked Nude Japayuki Pics

How annoyed are you of people wishing you a “Happy New Year”? It’s played the fuck out, old, boring, so last year. I’m pretty fucking annoyed with it, maybe because it lacks creativity, like most New Year’s Resolutions. We get it—you want to lose weight, quit smoking, make more money…so does the rest of the fucking world, asshole. People need a new useless topic for small talk to use on people they don’t give a fuck about. Yes, I blame my autism for my inability to accept everyday social behavior.

Nika Madrid is some bitch whose titty pics I’ve posted before, and I’m doing it again…not because I have any feelings towards her other than liking any bitch who shows her tits for money and career advancement…or because I find these pics all that hot. I’m doing it because I have obsessive-compulsive disorder and I post ninety percent of pictures I see that show nipples.

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