Megan Fox is Still Hot in Esquire

I saw these Megan Fox for Esquire pics earlier and I didn’t jump on them like a 14-year-old kid seeing a girl who is not his mom or sister in a bikini for the first time…because this isn’t her first time.

Despite the fact that she looks fit, Photoshopped, showing off her new face…she’s had a kid with her long-term boyfriend…and that just fucking bores me as much as it grosses me out. She’s a wasted opportunity who dug herself into some kind of horrible hole she’s trying to climb out of…but it’s just not working for me, because I know that across the board, it doesn’t matter if she’s still hot…she’s a fucking fail…but you probably like her because you can’t let go of the past…and more importantly, because you’re pathetic.

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