Katrina Bowden is Hot as Fuck for Maxim

Maxim hates me so I am not sure how long these pics will be on the site, even though they used to buy traffic off The Daze of My Life, because they didn’t get how this motherfucker right here was five times their size on the Internet.

On the flipside, I hate Maxim, because their photoshoots suck. They are bottom-feeders and they feature chicks who hardly fucking exist, like this Katrina Bowden chick who as in “American Reunion.” She had her 15 minutes of fame, sure. She looks good, I admit. But a Maxim cover girl? I guess it’s better than their usual “Hometown Hottie” who they don’t have to pay, because those bitches love being in magazines.

The whole thing is a bit of a joke. Obviously they would get Katrina Bowden for their cover. The bitch thought “American Reunion” was the big break she was waiting for all her life and now she’s gotta work so people don’t forget she exists…and Maxim will take whoever the fuck they can get. The good news is she is fucking hot.

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