Kate Upton is a Fat Pig in a See-Thru Shirt

I think these pictures of Kate Upton at the airport are pretty representative of everything I’ve been saying about Kate Upton. In the event that you’re a first time reader, let me reiterate: she’s Anna Nicole Smith 2.0 and her body will catch up to her tits because she is just 18. That’s what fucking happens to all busty girls. Her body is sloppy, awkward, weird looking, and dumpy as fuck…but the media love her and eat her up and put her out there and everyone follows…even though she looks like a fucking pig. Despite this, she just booked a Mercedes Superbowl commercial for a lot of money…and she’s getting lots of exposure in fashion magazines like she’s not fat.

All this to say, I am not a fan…and these paparazzi pics tell you why. Remember: she’s smiling because she knows she’s won.

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