Jacq Yu Naked is Naked as Fuck for Playboy

Jacq Yu is a hottie. I have posted her pics before because I love her. I followed her on Instagram…only to be ignored by her on Instagram. I would write her love letters on Instagram about holding hands while looking into each other’s eyes, singing each other love songs, crying because she was crying, dreaming about her, and all the other silly things I say that most girls respond to because I like making them feel like they’re in a Disney movies…before being deleted by Instagram. That said, she’s amazing…at least from this angle.

Tonight is going to involve at least on prostitute dressed like a circus clown juggling my testicles. I will promise to make her famous, and pay her with a luxury vacation…to the back alley…behind the dumpster…under the overpass…and it’s gonna be fun.

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