I Would Totally Fuck Red Dela Cruz Up The Ass Because I’m Not Gay

People think I’m gay because straight people would never get involved in talking about celebrity…even if I’m talking about their tits. They think when I say “I’d fuck that bitch with my tongue” or other stupidities I write here, I mean it in a sarcastic, flaming-homo way. People are shocked to find out I actually do fuck women.

The depressing thing in all this is even when bitches think I am gay, they don’t send me nude pics. Fucking cunts. I thought pretending you’re gay was the number one way to see titties…not that I was pretending shit. I just come across as a faggot and now I’m gonna go drink my problems away, use it to my advantage, and get down and gay with any chick willing to let me fuck her up the asshole like a bunch of homos in the gym locker room after wrestling class.

Here’s Red Dela Cruz, stripping down for FHM, although not showing enough titties or labia for my liking. But she’s hot so I’ll masturbate to it anyway…because I’m not a homo.

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