Hazel Feliciano Topless? Sure, I’ll Take It!

In a future not so far away, every girl with a vagina and a pair of tits will be a topless model…because it seems to be the strategy of many girls with vagina and tits…who look like they probably dropped out of high school or college to become a stripper or cocktail waitress…because topless puts them on the international stage. I mean, look at this no-name bitch today. Thanks to her being topless, she is featured on the internationally renowned, world-dominating, biggest Internet fuck party of all time: The Daze of My Life!

Lucky her, it looks like her life of being some haggard department store clerk who was once a babe and now a mom of four is a destiny that will never be, because she made the right moves and changed the course of her otherwise depressing life. Good job, bitch…and by “job,” I mean “tits.”

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