Cristine Reyes and Bangs Garcia Bumper-To-Bumper Best Friends Boobies

These are my kind of best friends ever…that I am sure are not actually best friends…but they play best friends in photoshoots…because in reality they probably can’t stand each other, are jealous of each other and are competitive with each other, as all girls are…especially when they work for the same television company.

Sure it makes sense to think they both feel like they won the lottery and their lives are just so fun and exciting that they can’t have a catty bone in their body, because they both have that stamp of approval…but society tells us another story…and historical research on women says they are smiling bulldozers, and the first chance one of them has to fuck the other’s boyfriend, they’ll take it…because it doesn’t matter what their status is or how much people like them. It matters that they are head-to-head competing. It’s nature’s way.

So they can pretend this is real all they want. They can play it up and pose together…but we know that when the cameras are turned off, they are shit talking each other behind each other’s backs…and they are judging each other’s bodies, poses, etc. Because they actually fucking hate each other, since they are in the same game.

“OMG, Cristine has a belly roll that she always sucks in, and makes a stupid face when she models, but don’t tell her I said that” is the conversation when Cristine leaves the room. You know it.

But they are hot…and I’m a fan of looking at their lies when their lies are half-naked.

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