Beyonce Nipslip Candid Pics at the Beach!!!

I guess she’s taking her cue from Rihanna…you know, showcasing your tits for the Internet…while hiding the rest of your horrible body, because there’s obviously a little jealousy up in here…knowing how many records Rihanna sells and how much money Rihanna makes…even if that money’s going back to her pimp Jay-Z, which in turn is 50% Beyonce’s…because Beyonce’s already stupid rich and money doesn’t matter.

It just reminds her that Rihanna’s got more going on…and more importantly, that Rihanna’s got more to give, because Rihanna hasn’t kept any babies she’s been knocked-up with yet. Since everyone knows moms are never as good as their slutty, younger, counterparts…but I still appreciate Beyonce’s effort—A for fucking effort, bitch. Because the reality is, she could just be real housewiving it…kickin’ it without putting her titties out there.

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