Aya Alonzo Naughty Nipple Peek

Sometimes I think the “innie” vagina is like a unicorn. A mythical creature that potentially lives in the panties of women everywhere…but that in fact lives in the panties of women nowhere…except of fat chicks.

Sometime I wonder if a perfect slit vagina, like you would draw on a girl if you were an artist, actually happens…or if that only happens to fat chicks, because in all my years of pussy involvements, I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a total coin slot vagina.

That’s not to say I don’t like all vagina. In fact, the meatier, the better. It’s just that I wanna see that showcase slit in the flesh to know it actually exists…and is not just a lie “The Man” is feeding us.

On that note, here’s Aya Alonzo, not showing any labia, but giving us a peek at her sweet ass and awesome fake tits.

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