Avril Lavigne in Bikini Showing Ass Crack

I used to always get surprised when I’d see the “skater punks” like Avril Lavgne in my neighborhood bending over to pick up their skateboards and seeing that they were rocking a thong under their baggy jeans and Simple Plan t-shirt. I always expected them to be the kind of girls who wear men’s underwear or boy shorts, because it just made sense, since they were pretending to be dudes.

The reality is that they weren’t pretending to be dudes. They were pretending to be “skater punks” and now I’m never surprised seeing those same girls a year later rocking American Apparel leggings and oversized vintage dresses like they were Lindsay Lohan, because every girl influenced by the media’s gotta grow out of the “poser-punk Avril Lavigne, Tony Hawk Pro Skater, candy-coated bullshit who sits around all day learning tricks and chasing boys and drinking Red Bull with her friends while smoking weed in the park and giving out free blowjobs” phase and dive into the “cocaine-dabbling, club-going, vodka cranberry-loving, dancing on the bar before sucking off a trick in the bathroom then going back to a hotel party for an orgy” phase. It’s just the normal course of becoming a woman.

Either way, I was expecting Avril to be rocking a pair of board shorts and not a pair of bikini bottoms, but I guess the girl is becoming a woman now that she’s married and shit and feels ok showing off the ass she never had growing up but has now that she’s older. I can only hope the next time these kinds of pictures hit, she’ll be wearing something a little more lady-like, like her punk rock vagina, because from what I’ve been told, there’s nothing more lady-like than pussy.
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