Zooey Deschanel Naked Picture Leaked!!!

Here is an old, self-shot nude pic that Zooey Deschanel sexted her boyfriend and that he released out of bitterness because she doesn’t answer his emails anymore now that she’s famous...

I’m glad that we live in a nicely perverted world where digital cameras, webcams and mobile phone cameras are everywhere and they are being used for their original purpose: to SEXT. So many girls do it.

I’m glad when shit like this gets leaked to the public. I’m also glad that we live in a world where you can take those sexted pics and spread them around the world and increase this virtually unknown celebrity pussy into a known pussy.

That said, let’s celebrate sexting, ex-girlfriends dumb enough to send us nudes, bitter boyfriends willing to share the goods and get their fifteen minutes of fame, humiliating these famous and probably bitchy cunts by showing off their cunts.

Good times.
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