Top 5 Vampire Flicks to Watch Instead of Twilight

Unless you’ve been under a rock for the past 8 years, you’ve heard about the film and book phenomenon, Twilight. Now, a lot of people have a lot of feelings about this franchise. And that’s great for them. Yet regardless how you may feel about the Cullens and their vampire drama, it’s hard to argue that Twilight accurately represents vampirism, or are worthwhile movies. In fact, much of the characterizations of vampires in Twilight simply go against what makes a vampire, well, a vampire.

So, in light of the recent release of the final installment in the Twilight saga, “Breaking Dawn: Part II,” we’ve decided to throw together a list of some underseen vampire movies from all over the world that are more fun, more badass, and far more worthy of the genre.

5. Thirst (2009)
“Thirst,” unlike many modern vampire films, does not idolize vampirism. It’s gritty, dark, and follows the downfall of its main protagonist, a Catholic priest. The film is undeniably borderline erotica at times, and the vampirism spreads like an STD, through blood and fluids. The violence, sex, and power struggle that ensues is horrifically poetic.

4. Cronos (1993)
The film follows an old antique dealer who discovers a mechanism in the base of a statue he has recently acquired. He accidentally activates it, and the device attaches itself to his body and begins to inject him with a mysterious substance. Soon he realizes he is growing younger, but he also begins to discover a craving for human blood. What ensues is a struggle for life, humanity, and the price one is willing to pay for immortality.

3. Martin (1976)
The movie opens with the title character Martin on a train performing his method for choosing and abducting his victims. He targets attractive women, sedates them, and cuts their wrists to drink their blood. The attacks are visibly sexual, and it is hard to not view them as a kind of rape.

2. Let The Right One In (2008)
“Let The Right One In” is about Oskar, a troubled 12-year-old boy who is being frequently and violently bullied. This bullying has made way for a lot of darkness and anger in Oskar. When he meets an odd barefoot girl living in his apartment complex, he is strangely drawn to her, and even more so when it begins to come to light that this young girl is actually an ancient, blood-sucking monster.

1. Shadow of the Vampire (2000)
Although a couple things have been altered, this movie is a fictionalization of the making of “Nosferatu,” which on its own is a terrifyingly weird film of the silent era, and likely one of the best and eeriest vampire films ever made. “Shadow of the Vampire” grows off of this horror, layering the dread into a guise of reality.

The film plays off the suggestion that the events behind the creation of “Nosferatu” were real, and that the actor was a real vampire. John Malkovich plays the famed German director F.W. Murnau, while Willem Dafoe cranks the creepiness level up as high as it goes as actor Max Schreck. This film manages to capture the sense of dread that the earliest horror films induced so masterfully, which has all but disappeared in modern horror, replaced by shock and visceral terror.
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