Top 5 Movies That Should Never Be Remade

Is anything sacred? In the current age of film, it seems that almost no movie is safe from being turned into a modern-day reboot. With new remakes of “Fame,” “Footloose,” “Dirty Dancing,” “Red Dawn,” “Total Recall” coming out in theaters one after the other, fans of classic cinema are beginning to wonder: Will it ever stop?

5. Grease
The name of “Grease” has already been sullied once, with the 1982 sequel starring Michelle Pfeiffer; but who’s to say Hollywood won’t see fit to come back with a reboot of the original? With the success of “High School Musical,” “Glee,” and “Hairspray,” this option doesn’t seem too far off.

However, true fans of the T-birds and Pink Ladies know that the magic of the original cannot be recreated without John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John’s winning chemistry and the hit soundtrack that topped the charts in 1978. That soundtrack’s ranking was second only to that of our next film choice...

4. Saturday Night Fever
The film that made John Travolta a cultural icon and spawned one of the most successful film soundtracks of all time is one of our favorites to never be remade. Could you imagine Zac Efron stepping into Tony Manero’s dancing shoes? No remake could ever match the grit of the original film, the tragedy of which is often forgotten due to the movie’s more upbeat disco-filled moments.

If a remake does find its way into theaters, do yourself a favor: rent the original and stay at home for a “Saturday Night Fever” viewing party. I’ll bring the platform shoes.

3. Breakfast at Tiffany’s
Audrey Hepburn’s well-known portrayal of Holly Golightly made this film a masterpiece that continues in its popularity to this day. Who else but Audrey herself could play this unique and interesting role with such class and poise? Who would the studios choose to get the most bang for their buck? Selena Gomez? Even Hollywood executives would probably know better than to attempt a reboot of such an iconic film.

2. Back to the Future
The film that featured Michael J. Fox’s most famous role already spawned two sequels during the late 1980s and early 1990s. A modern-day reboot would have to involve returning to the time period during which the original film was made: the 1980s. The magic of going back in time to the simplistic era of the 1950s would be lost, and the film would revolve around shoulder pads and permed hair rather than soda fountains and “Enchantment Under the Sea” dances.

What would be the point? To see the 1980s, we can just watch the original film. Here’s hoping Hollywood doesn’t bring this franchise back to the present.

1. The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Fans of this campy cult classic know that a remake was in the works a couple of years ago that stirred controversy among the film community. Luckily, after extreme backlash from the movie’s large fanbase, the reboot was dropped. For once, the movie industry listened to fan outcry rather than going for the green. Maybe the same could happen for some of our other favorite classic films. A movie fan can dream!
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