Top 5 Most Anticipated Movies Of 2013

2012 was a great year for Hollywood, both commercially and artistically. The two big blockbusters “The Avengers” and “The Dark Knight Rises” got universal acclaim from fans and critics, and each grossed more than a $1 billion worldwide. While sequels and remakes ruled the box-office, original and intricately made films like “Argo” and “Moonrise Kingdom” were received favorably by movie-lovers. Even the James Bond movie this year has a 90+ score at Rotten Tomatoes. I think it’s safe to say that this was a happy year at movies for everyone.

Now the end of 2012 is getting closer and we all know what that means — the world will end and everyone will die a horrible death, except John Cusack and his kids, who will make it into a 21st century version of Noah’s Ark. But if that doesn’t pan out, and you’re forced to live your boring lives, then you’ll need movies to occasionally escape into worlds that aren’t frustratingly devoid of explosions. So here are the most anticipated movies of 2013 that you’ll have to watch to join in office conversations…

5. Oblivion
Im weirdly excited about this. Tom Cruise is going to be doing a great deal of “Tom Cruise Running,” which is something I just cant get enough of, regardless of the plot. But I’m also moderately into the plot. So yes, my interest is officially piqued.

Plus, I’d watch an entire movie about Morgan Freeman wearing sunglasses, sitting in the pitch black, lit only by match light, and speaking in platitudes. And it’s nice to see that the sand people from “Star Wars” (@ 1:55) are finally getting some more work. It’s been a hard last 40 years for them.

4. The Lone Ranger
It’s “Pirates of The Caribbean” in the Wild West, as Gore Verbinski and Johnny Depp team-up again to reinvent a classic American character. Armie Hammer stars as the titular ranger, and Depp as his eccentric Native American partner, and he doesn’t hold back his wackiness, as he goes to the extent of literally having a crow on his head.

3. Star Trek: Into Darkness
Yeah, the “bwaaaangs” from the movie “Inception” could make just about anything seem hella dramatic, but the trailer for “Star Trek: Into Darkness” provides some pyrotechnics even with the sound off. A villainous Benedict Cumberbatch provides the voice-over and all the plot explanation we need: He was wronged, he’s here for vengeance, let’s get it popping. And then it’s all a giant blur of guns and fire and face-kicks and shrieks and a cliff jump possibly nabbed from leftover “Lost” footage and dudes running through windows, and then, “bwaaaaang,” the Enterprise crashing to Earth.

2. Man of Steel
I'll be honest: I thought Superman was an all-but-dead (for now) franchise. Even though, yes, Batman is a superior superhero, in the Nolan Dark Knight era, I didn’t see Superman becoming relevant again for another five to 10 years. Glad to see that I was wrong about that, because this trailer is pretty incredible. I don’t see them messing this up, I really don’t. And COSTNER. I’m all in.

1. Pacific Rim
If I ever had to be placed into a medically induced coma because my cine-geek meter went into overdrive, I truly believe that “Pacific Rim” would be what I’d dream about. And this got me thinking: We’ve been buddies for a while now, but how well do you really know me? Let’s find out.

I’m most excited about this movie because…
a) It contains giant fucking monsters fighting giant fucking robots
b) It’s the first Guillermo del Toro movie since 2008
c) By casting Idris Elba, Ron Perlman, and Charlie Day, it's clear that Guillermo and I like and watch the same TV shows
d) All of the above

My favorite part of this trailer…
a) Glimpses at all of the original del Toro creature/robot designs
b) Giant fucking robot-rocket-propelled punch
c) Idris Elba’s reboot of Bill Pullman’s “Today is our Independence Day” speech
d) All of the above

Upon release of this trailer my girlfriend…
a) Was annoyed with me because I couldn’t stop exuding random guttural pleasure sounds or screaming, “Yes!” and “Oh, hell yeah!”
b) Was annoyed with me because I watched the trailer eight times in 30 minuntes—on my iPhone, my iPad, my MacBook, and in ginormous and glorious HD via my Apple TV
c) Told me I was nuts for looking to see if tickets were already available for pre-sale
d) None of the above. She was doing all of the above right alongside me because she’s as big of a geek as I am.
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