Stephanie Seymour’s New Year Nip Slip

Stephanie Seymour’s big fake tit, ex-supermodel, pushing 50, mom of 10, fucked by many rock stars body has been squeezed into a one-piece and I think she looks fucking lovely…because there comes a time in every fat chick’s or old ladies’ life where she says no to the two-piece, because the two-piece is meant for a specific kind of chick, one with a body that supports it, but that in our politically correct world, everyone is fat, every motherfucker started wearing a bikini, even if they didn’t belong in one, thanks to shit like the “Jersey Shore.”

Stephanie Seymour probably has very little feeling in her big stupid fake titty…or maybe she just doesn’t really know how to manage them because they look relatively new. I mean, how else could you explain her shit popping out of her bikini? I mean, it couldn’t be a cry for attention…to get the media talking about her like it was the 90s and she wasn’t 50. But this has to be accidental…you know just good timing on the paparazzi’s part. It is the only thing that makes sense in this world that makes no sense.

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