Sandra Bullock Topless Photo Leaked!!!

It’s no secret that I can’t stand Sandra Bullock because I know she’s been marketed as this “All-American Sweetheart” because of the movies she was cast in, blurring the lines of reality for the average idiot. But the reality of the shit is that she was married to some Nazi motherfucker who fucks gutter trash and there is no way Sandra Bullock wasn’t aware of the shit, involved in the shit, and I really don’t believe that the Sandra Bullock and Jesse James marriage was nothing but a lie for publicity.

I’m tired of people feeling for a bitch who’s had too much success in life who doesn’t deserve for anyone to feel sorry for her, especially when she was involved in the shit…because there’s no way this was all secret—it was just a secret to the public. Stop being idiots, people. I want this to end, because these people really aren’t important enough to talk about.

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