Rashel Piazza’s See-Thru Nipples

Rashel Piazza is a model…but then again, who isn’t a fucking model? It seems like every girl I know is a model, thinks she is a model, acts like a model, or poses like a model for her Facebook/Twitter/Instagram.

The whole model thing is getting boring, and I’m more into girls who aren’t models—the good old scared-of-the-camera kind of insecure pussy you can really take advantage of and who I can hang out with and not get annoyed by all the fucking picture-taking, because not everything needs to be documented, and bitch, you’re not hot enough to justify using all that film up…oh right, we don’t have film anymore, and that’s the fucking problem with this photo revolution—it’s the accessibility of the shit making everyone a model and photographer because it is free…but still no one is willing to send me fucking nudes. 

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