Paz De La Huerta is Completely Naked for Playboy

2013’s star of the fucking show over at Playboy is my favorite pig dragged out of the gutter, Paz De La Huerta.

These pics are amazing…especially considering there’s a full-on pussy shot, which is so unlike Playboy, but I guess it’s their strategy to try and stay relevant in a desensitized world…further proving why they went broke and lost relevance. It also proves that Hugh Hefner has completely lost his mind.

You see, there was a time when Playboy was a magical place for girls you never saw naked get naked. On the other hand, Paz De La Huerta is some drugged-out party slut who is always naked…kinda making this less exciting for anyone who isn’t a Paz De La Huerta fan…something I can’t imagine actually exists…because she’s amazing.

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