Nathalie Hayashi All-American Topless Titties

I have nothing to say. It is 12 noon. I spent the night in the woods. Accidentally. I haven’t slept much. I smell like bark and I just got in. I don’t know what happened but I am pretty sure I had sex with a tree. It was magical. So people who say drugs are bad are just boring and wrong, because without drugs, I may have never had the best sex I can remember with a tree because it took drugs for my brain to think she was hot and worth fucking. And so to the people who say I don’t care about the environment enough: FUCK YOU. I just fucked a fucking tree! I love the fucking environment, motherfuckers.

Here’s Nathalie Hayashi, doing the whole low-level, simple-minded trashy, stupid, themed shots…because that’s as deep as their brains function…and I like it.

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