Naked Pinay Teen Amateur with Dead Hooker Eyes

Turning down hot girls for booty calls is always one of the funniest things. Usually it is because of laziness and disinterest. I blame my STD-riddled penis and low testosterone levels. I’m just not motivated to get up off my soiled couch to stick my dick in a soiled 20-year-old. I know…ridiculous on paper but makes total sense in person.

The humor in the whole thing is the girl’s reaction…because her reaching out to get fucked, especially by me, is probably her low point, and I’m not even gonna deliver.

Here is some local slut with dead, soulless eyes…eyes I’ve seen in most hookers I’ve had sex with who have sold their soul to The Devil…and that excites me…unless of course she’s just a fucking robot, which is always possible. Who knows? But more importantly, who cares?

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