Kim Kardashian’s Depressing Lingerie Pics

In some horrible decision-making between the creative director, editor-in-chief and the marketing department over at some fashion magazine’s morning meeting, Kim Kardashian’s fat body was shot in lingerie…and unfortunately, not with a fucking elephant gun.

She got half-naked, in what would be sexy outfits, if it was on some hot, tight-bodied girl, waiting for you to come home from work…or even on your dumpy-ass wife who has given you the gift of children and who you are codependent with and in love with enough to see past the fact that she’s ravaged her body, and appreciate her putting on something to add some excitement in your otherwise boring as fuck relationship…but when it is on Kim Kardashian, someone who no one finds hot, and who likely offends 98 percent of the population who know she exists…then this has gone too far and has gone on far too long, and should never have happened, and should never happen again.

These pics remind us that she should retire gracefully, even if you’re a pig who can’t be graceful in anything you do. She’s got all the money in the world, and doesn’t need to be humiliating herself while irritating us, and above all, she’s got a younger, hotter sister she can exploit, who is built like an actual model, who we’d all rather see half-naked.

Get it together, whore. You prime example of the horrible side effects of positive affirmations.

Here are the pics. They depress me.

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