Hayden Panettiere Showing Off Her Fake Tits and Real Vagina Pic!!!

Hayden Panettiere’s implants are really in fashion this season. They are all the rage, and remind the world of shitty titted women that 5,000 dollars can save them the awkwardness of undressing…because perfect, round, almost natural-looking tits can balance out their otherwise broad shoulders and back, making their midget size and shape a little more ladylike.

I used to hate implants and still hate stupid huge implants, but I fucking love saving shitty tits from a destiny of shitty tits…and I appreciate Hayden Panettiere exhausting herself promoting this movement and documenting it via photography.

She’s a hero…and I am not just saying that because her only acting job was on a show called “Heroes.” I am saying it because her tits are telling me to. It is a super power.

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