Giant Robots vs. Giant Monsters a.k.a. Why “Pacific Rim” Will Be The Most Awesome Movie of All Time!!!

For those of you who haven't been paying any attention, there’s a little sci-fi film called “Pacific Rim” that's due out next summer. It’s basically Guillermo Del Toro’s (Blade II, Hellboy, Pan’s Labyrinth) love letter to classic Japanese monster movies. But these monsters aren’t facing off against tiny little soldiers, oh no, they’re up against the biggest, most badass human-piloted robots around called “Jaegers.” These beastly machines aren’t the goofy Autobots that you know from the Transformer movies, these are walking weapons of mass destruction, defending humanity from the equally powerful creatures called “Kaiju.”

Months ago, we received a striking poster that showed off the scale and style of one of the Jaegers (see banner pic above). And during the past couple of weeks, we’ve been playfully teased by a viral marketing campaign…

Now, after patiently waiting for a very long time since the film’s announcement, we have the first official trailer of “Pacific Rim.” And boy, was it was worth the wait.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who yelled, “HOLY SHIT!” during this trailer. This is the kind of movie I’ve been waiting to see for, well, ever. Despite my ridiculously high expectations, that genius Guillermo Del Toro somehow exceeded them. This is a film that’s clearly aimed at pleasing fans of action/sci-fi movies, old Japanese monster movies, anime, and videogames.

This could end up being the most fun I have at the theater next year. The action looks stunning, and the visuals effects look fantastic and I love the tone that the movie is going for, which is over-the-top and playful, yet still gritty and serious where it needs to be. I just might have to watch this trailer every day before the film comes out.

“Pacific Rim” stars Idris Elba (Prometheus, The Losers) and Ron Perlman (Hellboy) and you can watch them “cancel the Apocalypse” on July 11th, 2013.
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