Emma Watson Sex Picture Leaked!!!

I always get creeped out by Emma Watson, even if she’s a 25-year-old bitch with a tacky, girls-gone-wild tramp stamp—clearly not the pre-pubescent girl from the Harry Potter movies…and not because pre-pubescent girls creep me out, even if I sometimes feel awkward adjusting my fly in front of them, after exposing myself in a “why can’t I control myself” kind of way…because I like young girls.

Anyway, back to this Emma Watson bitch. Because I know the people are into her, love her, watch her every move, are freak Harry Potter fans who have been into her since she was 12, and jerking off to a bitch at 12 because you think she’s gonna grow up hot. It is just weird jerking off to a 12-year-old…even if you can justify it now that she’s an adult now. I know what you did…and I have a hard time seeing past that…creep.
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