Emily Ratajkowski of “iCarly” is Naked Again

Emily Ratajkowski is the kind of aspiring model who will pose nude as often as fucking possible, because she’s got a fantastic body, and a great set of fake tits, and is pretty much one small step away from being a stripper…but isn’t seen as a stripper, because her shoots are “artistic” and for fashion…plus she has had some small acting roles.

Bitch is just doing the LA thing as hard as she can so that she doesn’t have to move back home when she runs out of money with her tail between her legs, forced to work for her dad’s grocery store, instead of being the big superstar she moved to LA to be…you know, making all the moves so that she can get noticed, pay the rent, and not have to lower herself to be a waitress in some hole-in-the-wall diner.

That said, she’s showing her tits, and I guess that’s all I really should be focusing on, so look at the pics and ignore all my whining words, which is something you’re as accustomed to as this Emily Ratajkowski chick is with being nude on camera…you jerk.
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