Danica Laxamana Candid Slutty Pics

I am not invited to any Christmas parties this year…because I have no friends. Luckily, I have a new love for Facebook, because girls have been sending me vagina pics on the shit. It’s like the mecca for that shit…and that works out nicely for my pervert needs…you know, because girls aren’t giving me vagina while I am on my soiled couch trying to figure out where my life went wrong…but they are over the Internet sending me vagina pics while I am on my soiled couch…and that works for me. Pictures of strangers and their vaginas over social media kinda makes me understand the true meaning of Christmas.

Here’s Danica Laxamana, some Pinay low-level model-type, showing some cleavage and tongue action, giving me a mild boner…and a weak orgasm.

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