Cherry Ann Kubota Kinda Looks Gay But I’d Bang Her Anyway

The world has turned gay and every dude is open to banging other dudes because mainstream media like the TV show “Glee” tells them and every gay guy in high school is celebrated and not oppressed because this is the anti-bullying era and society doesn’t believe in survival of the fittest or weeding out the weak and suicidal…but instead makes stars out of them and gives fat girls a false sense of attractiveness.

Thanks to society and all its gayness around me, I am forced to worry about whether chicks I fuck are also fucking bisexual dudes and if they do, will that make me gay, HIV positive or a great dancer who loves show tunes? Sometimes, ignorance is bliss.

Here are pics of Cherry Ann Kubota, who looks sorta gay, but isn’t, as she possesses a fully functioning vagina…which I want to penetrate with my penis, tongue, fingers, and eyeballs.

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