Alodia Gosengfiao is Exploiting The Nerds for Attention

I get her hustle…but I hate her hustle. I hate this exploiting nerd shit because I am a fighter of equal rights of all people, and I always side with the underdog. Because of their social ineptitude, lack of friends, lack of street smarts, and lack of sex lives, it makes nerds easy targets for a manipulative bitch to market herself. You know, like a telemarketing type scam against trusting elderly who have no mental capacity to say no to the scammer…only the nerd version.

I guess she figures she’s done the sexy cosplay thing, now she can be playful, dress in normal clothes, and get more money and more fans that will last, if only these idiot geeks believe she’s actually into their shit…which they do.

You get what I’m saying—it’s an easy target…and she’s a fucking loser for jumping on board.

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