A Bukakke Party For One Starring Japanese Porn Starlet Uta Kohaku

That’s Japanese porn actress Uta Kohaku peacing out over her new jizz collection. As part of the promotion for her upcoming epic “Semen Collection 2” (this bitch is literal), she asked dudes on Twitter to send her their spunk. Over 100+ dudes set aside the encrusted sock they normally dicksneeze into, and shot into bottles. And sent them to her. She received all of these donations (complete with the guy’s name) within a 10-day period, according to The Huffington Post.

Uta was incredibly grateful for the outpouring of jizz that came her way, and promised to “care for them as if it were my own child.” She’s very maternal. The film has already begun shooting, and Uta hasn’t said what she will be doing with the semen during the film or after.

I don’t think I’m going to be having mayo on any of my sandwiches for the foreseeable future. She sucks for that.
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