What Can I Say? Nica Ricario Has a Great Ass

I have never heard of Nica Ricario and neither has many people…because she’s only got 800 followers on Twitter. But that doesn’t mean she’s not relevant or not important. It just means the masses aren’t familiar with her rockin’ ass she brings out in photoshoots.

What the fuck does it matter how many Twitter followers you fucking have? It doesn’t determine your worth—life isn’t a popularity contest. Besides, some of the most significant people in the world probably don’t even use Twitter that seriously…like this Nica Ricario model babe…because these tits are fucking amazing…titties like super heroes that I’d want give me mouth-to-mouth to after I drown on them…and yet no one seems to give a fuck about her…or her Twitter updates…reminding us that some good things aren’t ruined by the Internet.

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