Skeleton Sex: Woman Arrested For Having Sex with Human Bones!!!

Following a tip that a woman was bragging to neighborhood kids that she had dead people and knives in her apartment, a 37-year-old Swedish woman was arrested last September on suspicion of murder when police officers entered her home and found human skeletal remains and knives in her living room.

The murder charges were later dropped—despite the fact that the prosecutor has no fucking clue where she got the skeletons in the first place—when it was discovered the woman was using the remains as sexual props.

The lovely Swedish lady might have gotten away with murder, but on Tuesday she was formally charged for the crime of “violating the peace of the dead,” an offense that carries a hefty load of fines and up to two years of jail time.

It just goes to show, when you need a good boning, go straight to the source:

The woman is believed to have used the human bones for sexual gratification. The evidence that the prosecution presented to the press on Tuesday included two CDs labelled “My necrophilia” and “My first experience” which contained a number of document files and pictures.

After further analysis it was determined that the woman is not mentally ill and that she is simply fascinated by death. A claim supported by the pile of evidence found in her apartment: a picture of her licking a skull, photos of morgues and chapels, body bags, a drill, and “documents about how to have sex with the recently deceased or otherwise dead people.”

You’d think the proof would be in the pudding, but despite the damning evidence this Swedish necrophiliac continues to claim the woman in the photos isn’t her and that the only reason she had an apartment full of human skeletons is that she’s an amateur historian and archaeologist.

I’m not one to call people liars, but…LIAR! Liar, liar, pants on fire, nose is as long as a telephone wire. She’s definitely guilty, but I say throw the woman a bone, I don’t know that she necessarily deserves to go to jail. It’s not like she hurt anyone, except maybe herself with bone shards in weird orifices. Although, I guess I would be emotional scarred if someone dug up my grandfather’s grave to use his tibia as a fake dong.

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