Maroon 5 Groupie and Victoria’s Secret Model Anne V in a Bikini

Anne V is that bitch who used to fuck that little man from Maroon 5, a band that is essentially the male version of Katy Perry, with ridiculous radio play despite the horrible songs. It’s the shit you play out in your head and wonder why the fuck you know this Prince and Michael Jackson hack-impersonation-act…and realize it is because the media controls you.

Anne V is wearing a pink bikini, but she might as well be wearing black, because her vagina might as well have the black plague since it committed the crime it will never live down…that will follow her around like she’s condemned, tainted, the fucking worst. She did something no woman should ever do…but so many women still stupidly do: she banged Adam Levine…the same Adam Levine who deserves to be shot for his horrible, high pitched, catchy pop songs that the radio seems to fucking love. She fucked him and that is something that can’t be forgiven…even if it was for business…even if it was just a dumb young girl thing…even if she is in fucking bikinis like she was some kind of lingerie model, which she is. All I see is a body that may be the reason for the “Moves Like Jagger” song and I am forced to hate her.

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