Madonna’s Grandma Ass in Fishnets

The day is not complete unless you see a 55-year-old ass in fishnets pretending she is Lady GaGa who in turn is pretending to be the 90s version of Madonna…in some pile of confusing time warp shit that is both pathetic and inspiring, disgusting and erotic, confusing and so fucking real.

It’s like Madonna was hot in the early 90s, GaGa ripped her off, now Madonna is making a statement 25 years later, dressing up like GaGa, who dresses up like Madonna…and shit is just a fucking mind fuck. I think I just shat myself. It’s a feeling Madonna’s old, anal-loving ass probably gets all the time…especially on stage, wearing this shit.

Madonna, despite being an incontinent, diaper-needing senior citizen, managed to turn me on today, looking all kinds of amazing in fishnets.
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