India Reynolds Topless in Blue Jeans

I don’t know much about India Reynolds and I don’t really think I need to. What she does is pretty basic and we’ve seen it before. She gets topless for UK men’s magazines, showing off her big tits and skinny body, because that is the future of men’s magazines…or maybe it is the past of men’s magazines, since before there was Maxim and all the other non-naked photoshoots, there was something called Playboy that did pretty alright for themselves, for the simple reason that dudes love tits.

So these bitches like India Reynolds may not be celebs, they may be-low level fame whores at best, but they show their tits on their quest to be known or to make money, and that makes them important to me, so I for one am glad India Reynolds and all those other shameless twats exist.

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