I Still Love Lindsay Lohan’s Bloated Botox Face and Fake Porn Titties

I love Lindsay Lohan, and I know she is trying her best to have a normal and successful life, despite all the insanity swirling around her. I also know there is no real plan or intent to be the cliché child star who crashes and burns when they hit adulthood.

Lindsay Lohan was used and abused by her parents at an early age and now she’s confused as to which way to turn. I know she actually thinks this “Liz and Dick” TV movie about the life of Elizabeth Taylor will be her big comeback, and I know she thinks she looks good with her fake lips and Botox face that in reality makes her look like a washed-up stripper or low-level porn star…or a weird-ass clown.

Now, I’m a fan of Lindsay Lohan. I’m a fan of her tits, her ass, her acting…even her personality. She’s funny and seems like a good time. She’s just a victim of her environment…but shit, whatever she’s done to her face, it looks like it belongs in a fucking circus.

Here she is at the premiere for “Liz and Dick,” some shit she is staging legal issues to get more coverage for, when all she really needs to do is suck on my LAZY DICK.

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