Fines Pena is One Hot Bikini Carwash Babe

Sometimes I think I should join a gym, so I can stare at all the hot, tight-bodied sluts in spandex. But other times I remember that the hot chicks in spandex are out doing blow while the girls in gyms are all fat cat ladies hoping they’ll drop some of their extra 40-plus pounds in order to land a husband, because they don’t realize that there are some fucking desperate dudes out there who will take them as is, just as long as they let them have sex with them, because the world is filled with fucking losers…and that’s why I try to stay as far from the gym as possible…and as close to the coke whores as possible.

Hot babe and hot cars go hand-in-hand as Fines Pena does cleanup chores in a red-hot bikini. Enjoy, pervs!

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