Ellen Adarna is Too Damn Hot

Her name is Ellen Adarna and she’s from the Philippines. I’ve never heard of her…but then again, all these girls, whether naked or half-naked, unless seriously and aggressively shoved down my throat by the media, are forgettable. So maybe I have heard of her. Maybe I’ve even slept with her and just don’t remember it. Because as a drunk, I don’t remember anything…but I probably just thought the girl I was banging was this hot, as I tend to do, because as a drunk, fat chicks seem less fat…their bodies soft and delicate and amazing to violate. It’s a good thing fat chicks are eager to be violated, because male attention only comes a couple of times a year after hard drinking.

The nice thing is that it doesn’t matter how vile the girls I bang are. What matters is how “not-vile” I think they are when I am banging them…because these beer goggles are my reality.

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