Top 7 Fictional Characters Who Are Pure Evil

Evil can come in all forms: man, woman, child, adult, real, perceived, clown, doctor…you get it. There is much evidence to back up its existence, but some of the best depictions of evil have appeared as fiction–which is much better than having it in actuality. Some inspired by actual evil individuals, others are purely abstract and fantastical—here is the top seven embodiments of pure evil in fiction.

7. Cruella De Vil
As far as any animal rights advocates are concerned, Cruella might as well be Hitler. She desires nothing more than to see upwards of 101 puppies slaughtered in the name of pompous, polka-dotted fashion. 

6. Sauron
If Mordor is Hell on Middle-Earth, then Sauron is The Devil, with his pervasive and all-seeing eye. Under his dominion is an army full of brutish Orcs and other hell beasts that wage war on neighboring races.

5. Hannibal Lecter
This cannibal has a literal appetite for evil. He is a man with a refined taste in every way; he even considers human flesh a rare delicacy–one that he’ll make the effort to track down and eat with some fava beans and a bottle of Chianti. 

4. The Joker
Adorned with twisted clown makeup, the Joker thrives on chaos and mayhem. He is a homicidal maniac who takes joy in his own sadistically warped sense of humor.

3. Voldemort
He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named is spoken about with the same abstractly-repulsive fear as Evangelical Christians would Satan himself. The wizard community, similarly, thinks the very mention of him is enough to summon him, as powerful as he is in his Dark Arts.

2. Emperor Palpatine
What we have here is the hyperbolic quintessence of a corrupt politician.  Starting out humbly (?) as a senator, he soon acquired a lust for power, and a Macbethian willingness to destroy whoever stood in his way. 

1. Damien
Damien is–at least in the 1976 film “The Omen”– the Antichrist, the Devil’s jackal-born son. With the family’s name on his head–literally, it’s etched there– Damien is expected to raise a lot of hell (pun intended).
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