Top 5 Scariest Videogames of All Time

It’s finally that time of year; the one day when ghost, goblins, monsters, and witches are all the rage. In addition to scary decorations and horror flicks, there are a bunch of ways to scare yourself stupid. For gamers, what better way to celebrate Halloween than playing a host of spooktacular videogames?

The following list contains the scariest videogames of all time. Pick out a few that look interesting to you and prepare for a scare!

5. Amnesia: The Dark Descent
No list of scary video games would be complete without “Amnesia: The Dark Descent.” This indie hit is often cited as the scariest game of all time, as you have no weapons to defend yourself, and are forced to run and hide when the terrifying “Mr. Face” is hunting you down.

4. Silent Hill
The Silent Hill series is full of bizarre creatures that would make even Guillermo Del Toro squirm, but that’s not the main reason why “Silent Hill” is so scary. This game is all about ambiance, as the anticipation of what’s around the next corner will keep you white-knuckled all the way.

3. Dead Space
If you’re a fan of things that pop out at inopportune times, then “Dead Space” is for you. In addition to plenty of startling moments, the game is packed with creepy monsters, riveting gameplay, and gruesome deaths.

2. Resident Evil 2
The name “Resident Evil” is synonymous with scary in the film and gaming worlds. The first game in the series is a bit of a joke, but “Resident Evil 2” remains a great game to this day. If you can get past the blocky graphics and clunky controls, you’ll learn to love the odd camera angles and the wide variety of ways it finds to shock you.

1. Fatal Frame
As one of the most unique titles on this list, “Fatal Frame” only arms you with a camera and pits you against ghosts in a haunted house. The only way to defend yourself from the malevolent spirits is to snap a picture of them, but the ghosts scream and make the controller rumble as they draw near. This game actually has the potential to make you scream.
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