The Justice League Movie Coming 2015!!!

Warner Bros. won a legal battle with the heirs of Superman co-creator Joseph Shuster. If the studio had lost they would be unable to use certain story elements onscreen, such as Superman’s super strength and speed, secret identity as Clark Kent and girlfriend Lois Lane, without reaching an expensive deal with the estates of Shuster and co-creator Jerry Siegel.

However, with Warner Bros. emerging victorious, they are free to use the Superman character however they wish, and that means the Justice League movie can move forward as planned.

The studio is expected to accelerate development of a planned “Justice League” movie that would join Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman and other characters, according to a knowledgeable person not authorized to discuss the matter publicly.

Warner hopes to shoot the film next year and release it in the summer of 2015. The studio already has a “Justice League” script in the works. Next it needs to attach a director and then cast the lead roles.

“Gangster Squad” screenwriter Will Beall is in charge of the Justice League scripting duties, and Warner Bros. will be following Marvel’s strategy for “The Avengers,” but in reverse. They’ll start with a big team-up movie, and then give the characters solo movies of their own (presumably to re-team again if all goes well).

Christopher Nolan has already said that he’ll have nothing to do with any more Batman movies and “no involvement with any ‘Justice League’ project.” This means Warner Bros. will have to find themselves a Joss Whedon figure to guide their DC Universe.

“Man of Steel” will be released June 2013 and it’s possible that Henry Cavill’s Superman could appear in the Justice League movie. Now that Nolan’s trilogy is over, we’ll be getting another Batman who isn’t played by Christian Bale, but we don’t need two onscreen versions of Superman running alongside each other. I guess it depends on how well “Man of Steel” is received.
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