Sophie Turner’s Hot Ass for Twitter

Sophie Turner has found the holy grail of gaining attention when you’re useless, uninteresting, and talentless…long after the Internet threw you away and didn’t care about you…back when you had to make the decision to go back to law school because modeling was a flop. The answer is Twitter.

If she produces some self-shot pics, she doesn’t need an agent, she doesn’t need to get gigs, but she’ll get just as much exposure, and more importantly, land a loyal fan base, all from a couple of shitty cellphone pics of her awesome, useless body. This shit is better for careers than “Dancing with the Stars,” especially when you’re not famous enough to be a has-been on that shit.

So Sophie Turner, lawyer turned slut turned camera whore, has found her way via the low level “I am a chick half-naked on the Internet! Check me out, world!” kinda fame…and she’s clearly loving it. Unfortunately, so am I. So I need her to be my legal team where all meetings are charged by the hour and take place on my dick.
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