Some Jahziel Manabat Hard Nipple Pics To Jerk Off To

Jahziel Manabat is a model who has shown her tits a lot…and that makes me like her a lot…because I like tits a lot…especially on bitches getting paid to show their tits…because it makes their tits feel more valuable…like some kind of commodity I need to get in my mouth…because everyday girls don’t get paid to show their tits…so their tits aren’t as good or worth as much…at least that’s what I’m getting out of this photoshoot. But then again, maybe I’m looking into this from a totally distorted perspective. Maybe she’s not actually paid to show her tits. Maybe she’s paid to show off her undies, and the tits are just accidental or used to accentuate the undies. That must be it…but I’ll just focus on the tits.

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