Nina Agdal is Super Sexy and Slightly Retarded in a Bikini

Nina Adgal is a hot bikini model at the top of her game, but for some reason she looks like she’s got a mild case of Down’s Syndrome. As a humanitarian, I think all of God’s children deserve to live out their dreams, especially if those dreams are getting half-naked and showing off a rocking body, even if you are a mongoloid, because it’s not “handicap” it is “handi-capable,” moherfuckers.

Not that she is retarded, but if she does, she’d probably win the Down’s beauty pageant, which may not being saying much, and which may not be all that much a competition for her, but it’s nicer than saying she’d lose.

If all chicks with Down’s Syndrome looked like this, I am sure the abortion rate for mongoloids would drop substantially, because hot girls, even when retarded, get the fuck ahead and have it real easy.

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