Lucy Liu Looks Hot in a White Bikini

I never give Chinese bitches enough love on the site. I feel like it’s because I generally don’t find them all that hot and I’m convinced that they aren’t marketable in the pop culture. Sure there’s Tila Tequila but people only pay attention to her because she’s a whore with fake tits and no shame. I’m talking about the likelihood of the next Britney Spears being from a Chinese family.

Maybe I’m wrong because they just aren’t into pop music as a career because they are too busy studying math, computer science and medicine, but I like to think it’s because their short, flat-chested bodies just don’t cut it.

The good news is that they make great wives because they are patriarchal and subservient and don’t need sleep because they are hyper-evolved and can spend a lot of time tending to your needs, doing your laundry and trying to make your babies.

Speaking of hyper-evolved, here are Lucy Liu’s tits in a white bikini, because the daughter who works at the Chinese convenience store near my house is not built like this.

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