Ke$ha Shows Some Ass for Vibe Magazine

I got in an argument with a gangster rapper yesterday because I told him that Hip Hop doesn’t exist, it’s just the WWF of music, with scandals and drama that is all staged and directed by marketing execs because too much money is at stake. I tried to explain that it is all pop music and that it is about as hard as my limp dick every time I try to throw rope at my wife who is both disgusting to look at, disgusting to listen to, disgusting to smell, and disgusting to touch (basically disgusting on all five fucking senses), making boners a challenge even for the most seasoned and experienced pervert who only needs dampness and an irregular heartbeat to get off.

I think the fact that Ke$ha is on the cover of Vibe, a Hip Hop bible, is further proof to my fucking point.

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