Kate Upton Photoshopped Pics, You No Taste Motherfuckers!!!

This is for the die-hard Kate Upton fans who were unsatisfied with the last time I posted these pics because they were scans from the magazine and there were captions destroying her Photoshopped integrity as a model…not that she really has any integrity as a model as far as I’m concerned, but that’s because I like my models to look like models: fit, thin and awesome—not thick and piggish and built like she’s gonna be 300 pounds just as soon as she starts eating again when this hype that is totally undeserved starts to fizzle out, and it will because people will realize that her stomach and her hips and her ass all fucking suck…and even her tits and the fat under her neck are sloppy at best. But I wouldn’t want to offend you and mock your dream girl, you no taste motherfucker, so instead I’d like to give you pics of her made to look her fucking best…to continue the lie that is Kate Upton.
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