Jessica White Dressed Up as a Victoria’s Secret Model for Halloween

I know I am too cool for Halloween, and I have been hating on the shit all day, but I do approve of some costumes, and that is when they involve little or no work. It’s like when a girl just figures “I don’t have a costume, I’ll go out in my underwear with a mask.”

I approve of the low impact, last minute, poor planning, this-is-what-I-have-lying-around kind of costumes. I don’t approve of costumes purchased at a sex shop, typically trashy…or rented and obvious…or something custom-made that involved tons of effort, because all you really need is some underwear for a good costume.

I think Jessica White is the ghost of Halloween future that brought me hope and newfound appreciation for this holiday…but maybe I just like that her name is “White” but her skin is black. I think it’s got more to do with her dressed like a lingerie model…when she is a lingerie model. Bitch played Halloween right.

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